Eating will be fun again.

Yummi is a new social platform for discovering good food within your trusted network. Our mobile app is designed entirely with the eating experience in mind making it extremely easy and fun to capture, organize, and share great places to eat among friends.

Start by taking some pictures of your eating adventures and creating a food log.


Simple and Powerful

Tools to maximize your eating experience

Multiple Images

A single image per post may not properly capture the experience. Remember that amazing meal with multiple photos.

Geolocation Tagging

Every post is linked to a public location or is tagged with a private label. Public geolocations are auto-detected from image.

Timestamp Backdating

Timestamp of each post is organized in chronological order by when the picture was taken, not by the uploading time.

Privacy Control

Love that meal but don't want to share it? That's okay! Individual post visibility can be toggled between private and public.

Filter, Search, Hashtag

Find posts by filtering location and/or cuisine. Search specific food by restaurant name, cuisine type, or hashtag.

Bookmark Favorite

Bookmark posts or places you like. Quickly search your posts, your friends' posts, or a place to recall your favorites.

Cuisine Categorization

Food images on a post are organized by cuisine type. Easily search and find a post or place by a cuisine.

Push Recommendation

Discover places to eat through a push recommendation format using food images from nearby. Swipe right to learn more.


Capture life's delicious moments


Special Occasions

Celebrating special occasions are most memorable when dining at an unforgetable place. Capture those moments with great food.


Vacation Travels

Vacations are all about discovering delicious and exotic food. Track and share all your incredible meals.


Business Trips

Traveling for business all the time requires eating out often. Helpful to remember places frequented with a tracking tool.


Home Cookings

Cook at home a lot? Create an amazing meal? Snap some cool photos and share them recipes among friends.


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